1. ELM
    Cuneo, Italy
  2. BC35
    New York, New York
  3. Martin Bisi
    Brooklyn, New York
  4. Sunday Morning
    Cesena, Italy
  5. Solaris
    Cesena, Italy
  6. Clever Square
    Bologna, Italy
  7. Adriano Zanni
    Ravenna, Italy
  8. White Hills
    New York, New York
  9. Micah P. Hinson & The Opera Circuit
    Abilene, Texas
  10. Confrontational
    Sardinia, Italy
  11. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Melbourne, Australia
  12. Istvan
    Forli, Italy
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  14. Tiresia
  15. Bruno Dorella
  16. Miskatonic University
    Ravenna, Italy


Bronson Recordings Ravenna, Italy

Bronson Recordings is an independent label based in Ravenna, Italy.
we just release the records we’d like to listen to. outsider and forerunners are welcome.
There’s a certain relation undercurrent between the things we release, but it’s not always musical.

"There is something terrible in reality, and I don't know what it is" - Giuliana

News: www.bronsonrecordings.com
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